S & A Excavation Ltd. Services

We provide more services than simply excavation. We are prepared to take on many different construction jobs. Please read through some of our services below to get a better feel for what we can do for you. Contact us if you have any questions regarding these or other services.

Basement Digging

A basement forms the foundation of your house and an inferior job can lead to costly repairs or having to rebuild altogether. If your excavating under an existing house, it’s a complex job that can damage you and your neighbors homes. At S & A Excavation Ltd. we are fully trained and experienced in excavating basements. We carefully plan your excavation and maintain our equipment to ensure the best results for our customers. And while we are excavating a basement we can also install the water & sewer to save you less hassle on finding another contractor.

Cement Home Foundation

Water and Sewer Construction

We have done a great deal of work regarding water & sewer construction in Saskatoon and surrounding areas. We also design & install septic systems for rural areas. For any water/sewer breaks we will get you fixed up in a timely manner.

Water Sewer Construction


S & A Excavation Ltd. has been moving the earth for people for eight years. We have the equipment to easily move any unwanted dirt, rock, or other material. There are various reasons someone would require excavation services, no matter the project we will get you fixed up!



We don’t just do digging! We can provide you with top-notch demolition services and can tear down houses, barns, etc. We have also done demolition for insurance companies. Because of the hazards of this type of work, we always follow safety precautions, and we pay great attention throughout the entire process. You can trust that S & A Excavation Ltd. is prepared to meet any of your demolition needs.

Jackhammer Demolition
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